The Powerful Way to Take Control and Protect Your Website Images from being Copied and Stolen!

Website images are crucial to the styling of your website and brand trust. BUT however valuable to you they are, logos, graphics, photos and branding are the easiest to steal in seconds!

Demonstration video of how websites can be easily copied and how aFFirmFirst helps prevent this.

With aFFirmFirst you easily take control and instantly build a new level of protection that gives you the peace of mind your website can't be reproduced and scammed in seconds. You know from the moment you add images through the simple dashboard you can control those images, update them and have a new level of scrape protection.

You decide which Images you want to be protected 


- Your Logo

- Your Valuable Photos 

- Your  Valuable Graphics 

We have two special offer options for you to take up at this time when website visitors are at risk from quickly built fraudulent websites.   

Our offer includes our specialist validation badge service, which will allow your visitors to validate your website as genuine on the aFFirmFirst domain in just one simple click. This will help your visitors become more aware of this genuine website and encourage them to review this before leaving any information or making a purchase. See the Validation date stamped at the bottom of this page.


the mark of validation